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american meadows new brand mission

American Meadows Announces New Vision-Driven Brand Mission 

Brand aims to help more Americans become trendsetters with sustainable yard solutions 

BURLINGTON (VT) February 2, 2023 -- American Meadows wants to share the transformative power of meadows. Today, the company announces a new vision-driven era for the 25-year-old brand. The new tagline, Meadowscaping Makes it Better, is rooted in the brand’s concentric circles of good and longstanding purpose of “Doing Good Through Gardening.”  
The importance of cultivating mainstream, alternative solutions to the traditional turf lawn continues to gain national attention. American Meadows’ new vision aims to accelerate this shift in landscaping trends by helping more people understand why it benefits them personally and how easy it is to get started. The term “meadowscaping” has gained traction as a means to convey the broad spectrum of naturalistic garden movements popping up across the country.  
“We heartily support the mission of Meadowscaping as one way to engage in the art of gardening” says Diane Blazek, Executive Director of National Garden Bureau. “At National Garden Bureau, we truly believe in what we call The Goodness of Gardening. Engaging in any type of gardening is good for the mind, body, soul, and environment.”    
American Meadows’ new tagline, Meadowscaping Makes It Better is illustrated through three concentric circles of good. Better starts at the core with the individual. Digging in the soil has been scientifically proven to positively impact personal wellness - both physical and mental. Radiating out from the self, plants create deeply beneficial nature-to-human and human-to-human connections for the surrounding community. Lastly, the outermost ring of good comes in the form of increased eco-system support – our gardens play a crucial role in a better environment. 
Em Shipman, Executive Director of KidsGardening, agrees, offering that “research shows spending time in nature helps kids and adults thrive. When we look to meadows as inspiration for our landscapes, the benefits for our kids, our communities, and our world are boundless. Meadows weave nature back into developed land where it rightfully belongs." 
As spring approaches, American Meadows is encouraging trendsetters to make this year the year they commit to adding purposeful solutions to their outdoor spaces. They believe small improvements add up. For those not yet ready to replace a turf lawn with an alternative option they suggest the addition of a “pollinator pit stop” along a fence, sidewalk, or driveway.  
“Our innovative wildflower seed mixes have long helped transform traditional lawns and gardens into spaces that make a net-positive impact on the world” says co-owner and CEO, Ethan Platt. “Now we want to help more people understand, and benefit from, the proven power of meadowscaping.” 

About American Meadows

American Meadows is Doing Good Through Gardening. Their innovative wildflower seed mixes, pre-planned perennial gardens and lawn alternatives are a go-to for gardeners shopping online. With 25 years of experience and 150,000 happy customers, they are the authority in meadowscaping.