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by Amanda

Summer-Blooming Bulb GardenIn most areas, there is still plenty of time to plant Annual Wildflowers and Bulbs for gorgeous blooms this summer.  See an empty spot in the garden or want to fill a couple of lonely planters? We have hundreds of varieties to choose from in a true rainbow of colors.

Annual Wildflowers

One of the most appealing aspects of Annual Wildflowers is the fact that you can literally throw them anywhere and some will start blooming in as little as several weeks. If you have a spot in your garden you just couldn’t quite get to designing this year or are looking add some additional color amongst your existing plants, Annual Wildflowers are the perfect choice! They require regular watering until they are a few inches high, then rainfall should be enough.

Cosmos SeedsSeveral favorite Annuals that add a pop of bold color in the summer are Zinnias, Cosmos, and California Poppies. We carry a large assortment of these favorite varieties in a rainbow of colors and all will thrive throughout the country, from Maine to California. Can’t decide which color to plant? Try planting our famous Annual Wildflower Mixture now for gorgeous blooms all summer long, starting in just weeks and lasting until fall.

Summer-Blooming Bulbs

Summer-Blooming Bulbs such as Dahlias, Gladiolus, and Begonias create some of the boldest, most dramatic color in the garden with very little effort. Many of these bulbs are known as Tropical bulbs, meaning they grow and thrive in very warm climates Gladiolus Bulbsand can be planted in late spring or early summer for blooms in the late season garden.
If you’re looking for stunning summer bouquets, try planting a variety of Dahlias, Gladiolus and Calla Lilies. The wonderful assortment of shapes, colors and sizes make for a truly show-stopping display both in the garden and cut for bouquets. Looking to add a burst of late-season color in containers? Try planting Gallery Dahlias, Begonias,Canna Lilies or Caladium Bulbs.

There is still plenty of time to plant for fabulously-colorful blooms this season, so take advantage of our great in-season savings and quick shipping – We’re shipping all orders in one business day. Happy Gardening!