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Aster, Ornamental Grass and Sedum blooming

 Plant Perennials Instead Of Mums This Fall

By Amanda

We all love the late color that mums bring to the garden, but this season, why not plant something that comes back year after year? We have a variety of mum alternatives for fall blooms that provide long-lasting color until the end of the season.

There’s More to Fall Color Than Mums!

  • Sedum is extremely easy to grow and draught tolerant, making it the perfect choice for a rock garden or low maintenance area. This beauty adds fiery color to the late season garden, all the way into fall.
  • Aster is a native plant that takes care of itself all summer long, and then brings you a "second spring" when it begins its vigorous bloom, just when everything else is about to collapse. Asters are the surefire way of adding great fall color -- for years.
  • Coral Bells is a vibrant foliage plant with great garden interest that lasts all the way through winter.
  • Everybody loves them as wildflowers, but the beautiful Black Eyed Susan was never a dependable garden flower until these incredible perennial hybrids were created.

Plant These Mum-Alternatives For Fall Color