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by Amanda

PeoniesLet’s face it: As much as we all try our hardest in the garden, some of us – and our growing conditions – are just not as good as others. I have a lot of shade in my garden, meaning I’m probably not going to be able to grow everything. The experts here at American Meadows wanted to come up with a comprehensive “practically indestructible” plant list for gardeners with challenging soil, water conditions, or anything else that may get in the way of growing prize-winning roses! Feel free to add to the list with your “practically indestructible plants” in the comments below.

We like to call these four groups “Power Perennials,” meaning they will thrive in most conditions. Like all plants, they will need some water in the beginning of their lives in your garden. Pruning them as recommended also won’t hurt!

Peonies: These fragrant beauties create a spectacular spring show! Certain homes have them in beds, borders, along drives – and anywhere they grow, they create probably the most beautiful clump of blooms. Peonies tend to multiply each year and are a sure sign that spring is here.

Hostas and Lilies

Hostas: Talk about ‘bang for your buck!’ Hostas are a landscaper’s dream, adding spectacular foliage to walkways, garden edges, and anything in between. There are so many varieties to choose from and most delight with colorful blooms in the summer. Hostas are fast multiplyers and can be divided in the fall and re-planted throughout the garden.

Phlox and HydrangeaPhlox: Garden Phlox create mid-summer color for weeks and weeks, boasting tall columns of fragrant flowers. They are extremely easy to grow and look great paired with your favorite Hydrangea. In a few years, you’ll be dividing them in the fall with your Hostas to re-plant!

Daylilies: These fabulous perennials are some of the true cornerstones of any perennial garden. With little care, they grow in any soil type and multiply each year, making them one of the best garden investments. Many varieties are re-bloomers, putting on a colorful show twice in one season. 

DayliliesHonorable Mentions: We don’t want to forget Lilies, Echinacea, and Coreopsis as 'practically indestructible' plants. All three are tough and easy-to-grow, making them a great choice for almost any garden.

What are your favorite ‘indestructible’ plants? Please share in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. Happy Gardening!