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by Amanda

PoppiesA common question we often get is, "Can I store excess seed for next season's use and if so, how?" Seed storage is not only a great way to save money (it's cheaper to buy in bulk), but is extremely easy to do!

We recommend storing seed in an airtight container. You could use kitchen tupperware, a large storage bin or whatever you have lying around. Make sure it is as airtight as possible and is completely dry before you put your seed in it.

Keep your airtight container in a cool (not freezing), dry place that is not subject to extreme temperature variations. Don't keep it in your freezing garage, your refrigerator or on top of your dryer! Seed StorageA cool, stable temperature (such as a closet) is the perfect place to store the seed. Viability, also known as the life of the seed, varies from species to species. However, most Wildflower species will maintain good germination quality for at least a year or two, sometimes up to 5 years.

Storing seed is especially helpful for those of us planting Annuals and Vegetables. Order a pound of our All Annual Mixture and keep it around for years, sprinkling each season for a burst of blooms all summer long. Happy Gardening!