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Staff Favorites: We Love Gladiolus

Thank you to Tabar, our Contact Center Manager, for telling us what she loves about growing Gladiolus!
"Gladiolus are one of my absolute favorites! They are super long-blooming and so easy to grow. The blooms remind me of colorful butterflies all lined up. An afternoon of digging is well worth the months of blooms you'll have as a reward!"

Finding Your Favorite Gladiolus Varieties

"The colors and varieties are endless, and while I have some favorites, I like to try new ones every year. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how vibrant these are when they start to bloom. Last year I planted the Gladiolus Dynamite which I fell in love with, the contrasting flowers start almost neon green and bright pink, then transition to a yellow and magenta bloom, truly stunning (the photo here is from the new cut flower bed I planted last spring).
I like surprises, so the mixes are a go-to for me as well. I planted the Gladiolus Summer Essentials Mix last year, too, and I was thrilled to see the different hues of blooms, echoing a tropical sunset. It's such a delight to see the first hints of color starting to peak out of the spear-like flowers and get a preview of what's in store for upcoming new blooms. "

Perfect For Cut Flowers

"I also love how long Gladious last as cut flowers. If you cut them just when the first lower blooms start opening, the top buds will continue to open up over time, and you can have upwards of 2-3 weeks out of one stalk. I pull the spent lower flowers off, and trim down the height as needed, to allow the top blooms to open up. They work so well as single stalks in a vase -- I use wine bottles for single stalks, and the weight of the glass bottles is perfect to hold one or two stalks for a simple arrangement. Gladiolus are also perfect as the show-stopping centerpiece in a bouquet, along with any other flowers that are in bloom at the time."

Succession Planting For Summer-Long Blooms

"I'll plant generally plant 2 or 3 rounds of Gladiolus bulbs, about 2-3 weeks apart, to extend the blooming time in my cut flower bed. This keeps my yard and my home (and all the friends and family I bring vases to in season) well stocked with this favorite. They're so easy, so rewarding, and always delight visitors and those I bring cut flowers too -- which is pretty much everyone when my gardens are in bloom!"

Easy-To-Grow Bulbs

"I love Glads because they are really just the most impactful flowers to grow. It's so fun to show them off to my friends, family, and neighbors. They are stunning, and the impression they make is deceiving for how easy they are to grow. The key for planting is they do need to be planted the full 8" deep, or they'll flop over! They also benefit from regular watering if you're not getting rain, which is pretty typical in the peak of summer. These put on a colorful light show all their own."


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