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Reminder: Start Cool Season Vegetables Now for Fall Harvest

by Amanda

Mesclun MixWho wouldn’t want to harvest fresh, delicious vegetables from the garden into the fall months? Extend your vegetable growing season this year by starting cool season Vegetable Seeds indoors and directly sowing some varieties into the ground now. It’s fairly simple and extremely rewarding! Cool Season Vegetables to Start Indoors: CauliflowerStart the seeds indoors now using a seed starting tray. For complete instructions on how to do so, please read our article “How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors.” Once the temperatures have cooled in your area and are consistently below 80 degrees, you can transplant your seedlings into the ground. Most cool season Vegetables tolerate a light frost, but it is a good idea to cover them if possible. Sowing Seeds Outdoors Other cool season Vegetables can be directly sown into the ground in early August for fall harvest. CarrotsTemperatures tend to start to drop in the nighttime and vegetables such as lettuce, radishescarrotsbeets, and spinach prefer cooler temperatures. Try interplanting vegetables in your existing garden to get the most out of your space. If you have beans or peas that have already grown tall, try planting your lettuce in their shade. Remember to add organic vegetable fertilizer once a month to give your vegetables a nice meal of nutrients and promote healthier, more prolific crops. Harvest your delicious vegetables in the fall months and enjoy the fruits of your labor as long as possible! For complete instructions on growing Vegetable Seeds, click here.