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Sweet Fragrance in the Garden

by Amanda

My Shirley Temple Peonies just opened their snow white blooms and my first instinct was to lean down and take a breath of their intoxicating scent. The sweet fragrance of blooms adds a lovely sensory element to your garden bursting in color. Scatter fragrant perennials and spring bulbs throughout your garden to enjoy the wonderful, sweet scent all season – Both outside in your garden and brought inside for beautiful, sweet-smelling bouquets.

Perennials that will take off in the first year and provide years of growth, blooms, and wonderful fragrance are Peonies, Butterfly Bushes, Dianthus (Carnations), Bee Balm, Clematis, Phlox and Lavender (of course!). Try staggering bloom times and arranging plants in different areas of the garden, to provide a lingering fragrance throughout.

Spring Bulbs are famous for their gorgeous, show-stopping blooms, but many also provide a treat for the nose with their powerful fragrance. Try planting any variety of Oriental Lily, Peruvian Daffodils, Belladonna Lilies or Naked Ladies, and Baboon Flowers. These bulbs will not only make a striking statement with their beautiful blooms, but help to add fragrance to your garden.

For all you wildflower lovers, there are plenty of wildflower options that will create both a wonderful, eye-catching meadow and fragrance to your property. Try varieties such as Dame’s Rocket, Sweet Pea, Bird’s Eye, Lavender Hyssop, Bee Balm, and Moon Flower.

Can’t decide which varieties to plant for your fragrant meadow? Try our Fragrant Wildflower Mixture, comprised of 16 different wildflowers that will create a sweet, rainbow of color for years and years.

There is a special connection between the scent of a familiar flower and the memory it brings to mind. Create new memories for you, your loved ones, and guests by planting fragrant flowers throughout your garden.

Happy Gardening!