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Ten Of Our Favorite Plant Combinations

Peony and Iris blooming in the garden

By Amanda

With fall planting right around the corner, we're planning and scheming up new combinations to add to our gardens. To help you do the same, we've put together some of our favorite plant combinations that can be added to the garden this fall. Enjoy!

1) Shade Garden Favorite: Astilbe, Coral Bells & Hosta

Hosta, Astilbe, and Coral Bells in shade garden

2) Pollinator Paradise: Echinacea & Phlox

Purple Coneflower with Phlox

3) Low Maintenance Color: Daylilies & Echinacea

Daylily in front of Echinacea
Daylilies blooming next to echinacea

4) Late Season Blooms: Aster & Black Eyed Susan

Aster and Rudbeckia in full bloom

5) Spring Bouquet Garden: Peonies & Iris

Large peony bloom with iris flowers
Open peony flower with small iris blooms

6) Classic Wildflower Combination: Black Eyed Susan & Echinacea

Echinacea and Rudbeckia with Ornamental Grass
Echinacea and Rudbeckia with Butterfly

7) Butterfly Buffet: Daylilies & Butterfly Weed

Daylilies and Milkweed blooming in the garden
Pollinator visiting butterfly weed next to daylilies

8) Easy-to-Grow Wildflower Combination: Daisies & Lupine

Dog in field of lupine and daisies
Lupine and Daisy Wildflower Seed Meadow

9) Spring Pop of Color: Orange Tulips & Purple Hyacinth

Tulips and Hyacinth with blooming flowers

10) Colorful Spring Wildflowers: Red Poppies & Blue Cornflower

Red Poppies and Blue Cornflower

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