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by Amanda

Daffodils not only greet us gardeners with cheerful, bright blooms in the early spring, but are extremely versatile and serve many purposes for almost any garden. These easy-to-grow blooms are as simple as ‘dig, drop, done’ and provide spectacular color year after year. Daffodils Daffodils, or Narcissus, grow in almost any spot, as long as you have a hard frost for several months so they can stay dormant. If you’re in a warmer zone (9-10), you can store the bulbs in the refrigerator to winterize them and plant outdoors about 8-10 weeks later. Have hungry deer? Deer tend to stay away from Daffodils and these bulbs are famous for being deer resistant. Dutchmaster DaffodilsGardeners also love Daffodils for their spreading tendencies. Plant a few dozen bulbs one year and be greeted with more and more each year, creating a dependable burst of early spring color. Daffodils can be planted in a formal garden in groups, or naturalized in a more relaxed way in your Wildflower bed --- These beauties grow almost anywhere and look good no matter what! Daffodils have become so popular, there are hundreds of different varieties that all have different characteristics. The Trumpet Daffodil group includes one of the most famous varieties, the Dutch Master Daffodil, and boasts large blooms with strong trumpets. Large Cupped Daffodils have huge blooms and come in a large variety of colors. Double Daffodils’ unique blooms are full and frilly, adding texture to the spring garden. DaffodilsButterfly Daffodils are becoming increasingly popular in gardens throughout the US and boast elegant, bi-colored blooms. Miniature Daffodils are perfect for a small-space or container garden. So whether you’re a seasoned gardener with the landscaping to show it, or a novice just starting out, Daffodils are the perfect choice. Plant once in the fall and enjoy a burst of blooms in the early spring, season after season. What are your favorite Daffodils? Please share in the comments below or post on our Facebook Page.