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by Amanda

Here at American Meadows we have several test gardens where each season we plant new varieties, try out different color combinations, and grow enough vegetables for all of our employees to take home and enjoy.

Now that it's the beginning of July, we're starting to see a lot of blooms here in Vermont and although the rainy weather has slowed down the progress of our vegetable garden, everything is looking great and we can't wait to harvest!

Vegetable Garden

Although the lack of sun has slowed it down a bit,
our vegetable garden is looking great!

Salvia and Daylilies

We love this combination of Salvia May Night and Stella D'oro
Daylilies in bloom right now.


Spiderwort is so unique and elegant.

Bachelor Buttons

We plant Bachelor Buttons each year for the
dependable, stunning-blue color.

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy

These Shasta Daisies 'Crazy Daisy' are so easy
to grow and have fun, unique blooms.

Siberian Wallflower and Chinese Forget Me Nots

A lovely color combination of Siberian Wallflower
and Chinese Forget-me-Nots.

We'll post another update next month, once the vegetable garden is in full swing and we have other plants blooming (including our wildflower meadows)! Happy Gardening!