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Why Plant Fall Max Mix?

Customer photo in Southern Arizona of Fall Max Mix

Fall is the perfect time to plant wildflowers. So, we’ve created a seed mix specifically formulated for fall planting: Fall Maximum Wildflower Seed Mix!

Each year our "Fall Max Mix" has A LOT of varieties that offer up easy, low-maintenance blooms from early spring all the way into fall. Your meadow will offer bold, beautiful color for you to enjoy, as well as an important source of food for pollinators during the extreme early and late ends of the season when regular food supplies are scarce.

This mixture thrives throughout the country, in the colder regions, like here in Vermont, all the way to warmer areas such as Florida and Arizona.

"I am absolutely blown away. This mix gives, gives, gives, all summer long and now into fall. And the varieties! I had to look half of them up. I've never seen a nicer wildflower garden, throughout the season, than from this mix. Every day (OK, sometimes more than once a day), I've said to myself, "I've got to tell American Meadows how happy and amazed I am" so here it is.

C. Middings, Pennsylvania


Customer photo Fall Max Mix

Planting 'Fall Max Mix' In Warm Vs. Cold Zones

In an area where the ground freezes, wait until there have been a few hard frosts and the seed won’t get the chance to germinate until early spring. 

In an area where the ground doesn’t freeze, we recommend waiting until the beginning of the “rainy season” to do your fall seeding. This provides optimal sowing conditions for the wildflowers to begin germinating. Depending on your area, spring seeding can be challenging with extreme heat and drought.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for planting wildflowers in fall.

Get detailed instructions on when to plant in your region.

"I have used various wild flower mixes from American Meadows on a hill behind my house. I am constantly amazed and delighted by the various blooms that result. Last year we had a drought in my area and while others watched their gardens burn up my wildflowers just kept right on going strong."

PK Pippin, Illinois


Customer photo in North Carolina of Fall Max Mix and Bee Hives

3 Reasons To Love 'Fall Max Mix'

Big Blooms, Big Color. If you’re obsessed with wildflowers like we are, and love a wide variety of color and blooms, this is the best mixture for you. It’s a wonderful surprise heading into the garden or meadow in the spring and summer. You can watch the wide varieties of flowers in bloom, and enjoy having an abundance of blooms to cut and enjoy inside. 

Low Maintenance. We can’t stress how easy Fall Max Mix is to plant. Because you’re doing a dormant planting, when the ground warms in the early spring and April brings an abundance of showers to most areas, the seeds will start popping up and require almost no care if you have regular rain. We recommend keeping a little extra seed to fill in bare spots in the early spring once everything starts to sprout.

A Pollinator Party. The wide variety of wildflowers in the mix, many being native, provide a nectar buffet for a great range of pollinators in your area. Fall planting means annual varieties, inlcuding Poppies, Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, and Marigolds will bloom early to give you fantastic early-season color and the pollinators a much-needed source of food.

I needed a fast, reliable fill-in for a large bare spot. I thought of wildflowers as something to fill up space before I put perennial bed with in. It filled in so nicely and was gorgeous! Butterflies galore and Hummingbirds too. I am so happy with this mix that I am going to get another bed ready so I can do another. I have not needed to put one perennial in! Bottom line is this mix will not disappoint!

Dawn, Minnesota


If this is your first season planting wildflowers, or if you’re a seasoned gardener who wants a rainbow of blooms next season, Fall Max Mix is a fantastic choice!

Customer photo Fall Max Mix