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American Meadows (USD) English

by Mike Lizotte

CoreopsisSo you’ve been thinking about planting wildflowers for a while. Well, now is the time! Fall is a great time to plant wildflowers as it mimics the natural cycle
of flowers that drop their seed at the end of the growing season.


You Don't Need a Big Space

Whether you have a few square feet or 10 acres, you can create a splash of color for years to come. A little preparation and the right mix of flowers can
produce color year after year. We offer a variety of mixtures and individual species and are sure to have something that would do well in your growing

The Benefits of Planting Wildflowers:

Black Eyed Susans
1. Visually appealing – Flowers are pretty!
2. Enhance mood – We all need to smile more!
3. Cleaner Air – Breath in, Breath out!
4. Gardening is Fun! – Yes it is!
5. Good for the environment – Grow don’t Mow!

As you can see there are many benefits to wildflowers and there’s no better time to plant than now. Fall is great for gardening and a perfect time to
introduce yourself to the beauty of wildflowers! For further information, please reference our Complete Guide to Wildflowers or chat live with the Seed
Man by going to any of our wildflower pages!

Happy Gardening from the Seed Man!