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Favorite Wildflower Species

The Red Poppy Read all about the World's Most Popular Wildflower. Always our No. 1 seller in the seed dept, you'll learn why this little flower is the subject of famous poetry and worn every year in the US and UK on military holidays.

The Wild Roses What is a Wild Rose, anyway? They've been loved and written about for centuries, but this tells you what the actual wild ones are like and where to find them. It also tells you that your Aunt Laura was probably wrong about the ones at her farm.

All About Black-Eyed Susans One of America's most-loved wildflowers is not only the star of one of the most famous "legends of love" among the flowers, but is easy to grow from seed. Read about her several native species and very popular hybrid perennials.

Everybody Loves Lupines From the Pacific to the Coast of Maine, wild lupine species light up almost every state. And their hybrids are favorites in perennial gardens everywhere.