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Wildflower How-Tos

Seed Planting Instructions Wildflower Seed Planting Instructions This is our "Bible" for planting wildflowers in any region, any season. It's in plain English, and based on work with millions of wild gardeners all over No. America for 25 yrs.

Amount of Seed How Much Seed Do I Need? Here's simple, clear info on coverage. How to quickly estimate your area's size in sq. ft, and how to choose seed for a "meadow look" planting or one of solid wildflowers.

wildflower FAQ Top 20 FAQs About Wildflowers and Meadows There are about 10 questions any new wild gardener always asks--for example, "When will I see bloom?", "How do I tell weeds from wildflowers?" Here are the answers.

frost dates Frost Date Chart When will your annual flowers be killed by frost? When will your gardening season end? This chart tells it all by giving you cities coast to coast and their "first killing frost date." Just check out your nearby cities, and you'll know when to expect it will happen.

top perennials Top Perennial Plants For Wildflower Meadows After seeding and tending wildflower meadows for over 20 years, we’ve learned a lot. Most of our work has been done in Vermont, but by working with wildgardeners from all over North America for over two decades, we also learned which plants do best in various areas.

bulbs for wildflower gardens Best Bulbs for Wildflower Gardeners Here's how to expand your bloom season by up to two months using easy-to-grow, perennial bulbs. They're always available, and require absolutely no care. Be sure your wildflower garden includes the "other wildflowers"--wild tulips, wild daffodils, and wild lilies.

Fall Planting Late Fall and Winter Planting Times We hear the question all the time: "What's the best time to plant wildflower seeds in fall, in my area?" This article answers the question and more. It also relates wildflower planting to fall bulb planting time--sometimes doing both at once can save a lot of work.

whats in bloom today What's In Bloom Today After your seed is planted, you'll have these questions. Here are the answers. For questions like "What's that blue one?" "When will the poppies bloom?" "How about the perennials?" All the answers are here, in simple plain talk.

wild annuals and perennials Plant Life Cycles 101: What's The Difference Between Annuals, Perennials, & Biennials? Unless you already know, you must understand the simple differences between the 2 basic types of flower plants. Once you do, everything else makes sense. Just read.

wild annuals How To Use The Wild Annuals Don't be a "Perennials Only" snob! Many gardeners miss a big thrill by ignoring the wild annuals. In Wildflower Meadows, they're important to a meadow's success.

Fall Planting Why Many Experts Feel Fall Planting Is Best Even though spring will always be the No. 1 season, fall planting has definite advantages. After all, when you think about it, nature plants wildflowers in the fall!

Guide to winter on the web Wildflower Gardener's Guide to Winter on the Web When winter wipes out everything in your garden, take heart. Wildflowers are always in bloom on the internet. Here are some recommended sites.

roses as wildflowers Roses As Wildflowers After you've enjoyed a wildflower garden for awhile, it always comes to mind: What about Wild Roses? Here are the facts about some of the world's most beautiful wildflowers.

woodland wildflowers How To Build A Woodland Wildflower Garden Flowers in the shade?Here's how we created our woodland garden, and tips for yours. A success story with some of America's most treasured native wildflowers and ferns.