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American Meadows (USD) English

by Amanda

Here at American Meadows we all share a passion for gardening and represent varying types of gardeners, ranging from the Master Gardener planting a vegetable garden with crops lasting all year, to the beginner planting bulbs on her balcony garden. We love being able to share our favorite gardening tips and tricks with our customers every day!


"Prep is critical! With over 20 years of experience talking with gardeners across the country, the most common question I continue to hear from customers is, "Can't I just sprinkle the seeds on the ground?"

The simple answer is, "No!" The most important factor in wildflower success, second only to using top-quality seed, is proper ground preparation. Whether you use a tiller for larger areas, or a steel rake to rough up a smaller patch, the more time you spend preparing the soil, the better the results!"


"This past fall was my first season planting wildflowers. I live in a city and have a small garden, so I simply added our All Annual Mixture on top of my bulb beds to create additional interest and color when the bulbs were done blooming.

I am ecstatic to be greeted with a rainbow of color throughout the spring and summer months!"

Stay tuned for more tips from our gardening team here at American Meadows. Happy Gardening!