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Wildflowers for Everyone!

by Mike Lizotte

Have Shade?  Can’t keep the deer out of your garden? Looking for some quick color to sell your house? These are all common gardening scenarios we hear from our customers all the time.  Don’t get discouraged!  We’ve created some new Wildflower Collections to help bring color and inspiration to your garden.

Quick and Easy Annual Color

If you’re looking for some easy to grow, colorful flowers to “fill in” our Quick Blooming Collection would be a great choice.  These 4 flowers: Calendula, Snapdragon, Zinnia and Gaillardia will provide quick color weeks after planting for months to come.  Looking to sell your house next year? Really want to “wow” your neighbors? These annuals are sure to bring lots of color to your garden.


Not on the Deer Menu!

Having problems with Deer?  Our Deer Resistant Wildflower Collection has been proven not to be in the menu of these pesky critters!  Our Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Perennial Gaillardia, Sweet Alyssum and Zinnia are a perfect combination of wildflowers that Deer tend not to eat.  This combination will provide annual color in the first growing season with the Sweet Alyssum and Zinnia and bring perennial color in the second and successive seasons with the Lance-Leaf Coreopsis and Gaillardia.


Long Live Perennials

Wanting color year after year?
Try our Long Lasting Collection.  We’ve chosen four of our hardiest, most popular perennials that will provide lasting color for years to come.  Our Wild Lupine, Shasta Daisy, Black-Eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower are a great mix of perennials that make a great addition to any garden.  Perfect for a backdrop or along a fence line these perennials are sure
to bring magnificent color year after year.

Shady Color

Have a spot that only gets a few hours of sun?  Our Shade Collection is guaranteed to bring color to any area that gets limited sunlight.  This collection includes two annuals: Plains Coreopsis and Scarlet Flax for quick, first year flowers and two perennials: Sweet William and Purple Coneflower for perennial color in the second and successive seasons.  This hardy wildflower collection is sure to add a splash of color to that area that you just haven’t seemed to be able to grow anything in because it’s just too shady.

So as you can see wildflowers can be grown to provide lasting color in a number of different planting scenarios and situations.  That’s what makes them so popular!  That and the fact they are so easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance make them very popular with gardeners across the country.  Don’t forget…….Fall is the perfect time to plant wildflowers.  Take advantage of fall seeding to really get some early spring color.

Happy Gardening from the Seed Man!