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Common Name Botanical Name
Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia
Daisy Chrasanthemum
Red Poppy Papaver
Sweet Alyssum Lobularia
Purple Coneflower Echinecea
Wild Lupine Lupinus
Butterfly Weed Asclepias
Milkweed Asclepias
Wild Cosmos Cosmos bip.
Sunflower Helianthus
Zinnia Zinnia elegans
Blanket Flower Gaillardia
Lance Leaf Coreopsis Coreopsis lanc.
Plains Coreopsis Coreopsis tinc.
Blue Flax Linum perenne
Cornflower Centaurea
Wildflower Mix: Annuals & Perennials  
Custom Wildflower Mix: Choose your own custom mix  
Texas Bluebonnet Lupinus tex.
Scarlet Flax Linum grandiflorium rubrum
Sweet William Dianthus
Baby Blue Eyes Nemophilia
Gloriosa Daisy Rudbeckia
Marigold Tagetes
Calendula Calendula off.
Rose Mallow Lavatera


Common Name Botanical Name
Basil Ocimum
Purple Basil Ocimum
Lemon Basil Ocimum
Cinnamon Basil Ocimum
Italian Oregano Origanum
Chives Allium
Garlic Chives Allium
Italian Parsley Petroselinum
Curled Parsley Petroselinum
Cilantro Coriandrum
Thyme Thymus
Bouquet Dill Anethum
Sage Salvia
Chamomile Matricaria
Summer Savory Satureja
Fennel Foeniculum
Arugula Eruca
Caraway Carum
Mint Peppermint
Rosemary Rosmarinus
Lemon Balm Melissa


Vegetable Varieties
Tomato Beefsteak, Brandywine, Roma, Rutgers, Ace
Cucumbers Straight Eight, Marketmore, Boston Pickling
Carrot Nantes, Danvers
Lettuce Mesclun Mix, Buttercrunch, Romaine, Salad Bowl, Iceberg
Beets Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder
Beans Tendergreen, Golden Wax, Kentucky Wonder, Henderson Lima, Blue Lake
Radish Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Sparkler
Broccoli Green Sprouting, Waltham
Cabbage Late Flat Dutch, Copenhagen Marker, Savoy
Cantaloupe Hale's Best
Cauliflower Snowball
Corn Golden Cross Bantam, Silver Queen, Golden Beauty
Eggplant Black Beauty
Mustard Florida Broadleaf, Red Giant, Southern Giant
Okra Clemson Spineless, Emerald
Onion Sweet Spanish, White Bunching
Peas Laxton, Little Marvel, Sugar Ann, Sugar Snap
Pepper California Wonder, Jalapeno, Sweet Banana
Pumpkin Jack O'lantern, Atlantic Giant
Squash Golden Summer, Black Beauty, Dark Green Zucchini, Acorn
Swiss Chard Fordhook
Turnip Golden Ball, Seven, Top, Purple White Globe
Watermelon Sugar Baby, Black Diamond

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