DIY Seed Packet Valentines

Finished Seed Packet Valentines - the perfect craft for kids!Finished Seed Packet Valentines - the perfect craft for kids!

Seed packets and seed paper make fun and unexpected Valentines! Instead of giving flowers, give wildflower seeds to your Valentines this season, so they can grow their own beautiful, long-lasting flowers. You can make these homemade Valentines with candy, like we did in this example, or get creative with non-candy Valentines. Let your imagination run wild! 

Follow the simple steps below to make "I Dig You" Valentines - it's a great craft for kids! 

All the supplies you need to make DIY Valentines with seed packets - the perfect craft for kids!All the supplies you need to make DIY Valentines with seed packets - the perfect craft for kids!

How To Make "I Dig You" Valentines


  • Seed packets of your choice. We used Sunflower Seed Packets!
  • Small shovels (perfect for gardening & play)
  • "I Dig You" labels - find these on Etsy, or design your own using plantable seed paper
  • Small craft bags
  • Ribbon (cut into 1 foot lengths for each Valentine)
  • Candy (optional, of course)
  • Hole puncher


  1. Print and cut out your labels. Punch a hole in the top of each label.  Have your kids sign their name for a personal touch!
  2. Add shovels, seed packets, and optional candy to each plastic bag.
  3. Thread ribbons through holes in the label, and tie the bags closed. Tie a bow or use scissors to give ribbons a curl.
  4. Done - friends and classmates will love your homemade Valentines!

4 Great Ways to Get Creative With Seeds This Valentine's Day:

  1. Add seed packets to cards, and send it in the mail with no additional postage!

  2. Use seed packets or seed paper as gift tags for Valentines or classroom gifts!

  3. Attach seed packets to postcards or blank folded cards for quick & easy Valentines!

  4. Decorate your Valentines Day crafts with seed paper shapes - see paper is plantable, too!

Our Favorite Seed Packets For Valentine's Day

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