Gardening with Groundcovers

Whether the spot is sunny, shady, moist or dry, there's a groundcover that will work beautifully. Edge a border, plant a difficult slope, or just add beauty and color. Our selection of groundcovers includes great solutions for almost any garden situation.

More and more gardeners are replacing sections of their lawns with groundcovers, too. In addition to reducing mowing chores, groundcovers are attractive, many produce flowers and they usually require less frequent watering and fertilizing. If you've struggled to grow a lawn under a tree or in another shady spot, consider replacing it with one of our shade-tolerant groundcovers.

Be sure to match the groundcover with the conditions on your site. Some groundcovers prefer shade and moist soil; others like full sun and well-drained soil. Planted in a suitable location, a groundcover will spread and crowd out most weeds.

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