Customer Success Stories and Photos: Northeast

Look what your neighbors in the Northeast are doing! We've received great photos and stories from our members for over 25 years. You'll find our "Members' Meadows" archive packed with great ideas and how-to tips. Enjoy!

Northeastern Wildflowers Kids Love the Wildflowers Laura and Tim Emerson added our Partial Shade mix to their landscape to fill in the gaps between the woods and the lawn. Their kids love to explore the wildflowers and their future sister in law had her engagement photos taken in them.

Northeastern Wildflowers 5-Acre Family Wildflower Project Blooms Beautifully Amy and Leandro Vasquez, decided to create wildflower meadows on the land around their beautiful home in Vermont, and make the whole thing a family project. The objective was less mowing and lots of beauty, and the results are spectacular.

Northeastern Wildflowers West Virginia Highway in Bloom! Lots of states now seed wildflowers along the highways, but have you ever noticed how extra-beautiful the displays are when you enter West Virginia? Well, here’s why. Our friend Anna Shahan is running the show, and what a success!

Northeastern Wildflowers Wildflowers for a Dream Home on Martha’s Vineyard The Hannigans bought a 3 1/2 acre meadow on Martha’s Vineyard to build a dream, but after construction, the meadow seemed destroyed. That’s when Karen went to work & sowed her own seeds. Just look at the results!

Northeastern Wildflowers Magnificent Bloom at a Church Charity Compound in NY State Member Johnny Scott planted our Northeast Mix along the driveway approaching his charity-based community. The community enjoyed a bright blaze of annuals the summer after planting.

Northeastern Wildflowers 15 Years Later, MA Meadow Still Going Strong! MA meadow still going strong! Years ago, we featured this couple's meadow in our printed catalog. They saved the catalog, and recently sent us a scan of the page and a photo of the meadow today. Now that's meadow success!

Northeastern Wildflowers A Beautiful Riverfront Farm in Maryland Member Dennis Gilliard is the caretaker of a 153-acre farm on Maryland's scenic Eastern Shore. With wide riverfront, he decided to plant about 1.5 acres in wildflowers--what a success!

Northeastern Wildflowers After Construction, a Beautiful Quick Fix After a major renovation in spring, the ugly bare ground presented an opportunity. Wildflowers were seeded, and in just a few weeks, the bloom began, and continued to a spectacular fall finale.

Northeastern Wildflowers Blue and White Blaze of Perennials Early summer in a wild meadow brings a big beautiful surprise—the favorite combination of lupine and daisies—floral fireworks in blue and white. Only the beginning of Maureen Nikora’s third year with wildflowers.

Northeastern Wildflowers Fields of Flowers in the Virginia Mountains Jim and Susan McDowell have made a success of moving to the country and starting a business. Today, The Valley of Virginia Wildflowers and Country Antiques is a reality, in the magnificent Shenandoah Valley.

Northeastern Wildflowers Maryland Roadside Abloom Glenn Evans planted 600 feet along the roadside, and ever since, motorists have been slowing down to enjoy the show. Some even stop and express how much they enjoy the drive-by beauty.

Northeastern Wildflowers Most Beautiful Septic Area in Connecticut Many of our members use wildflower seeds to landscape a freshly renovated septic system. It's a great chance to plant wildflowers when the soil is bare.

Northeastern Wildflowers New Hampshire Perennial Parade John St. John, a member in New Hampshire was kind enough to send us two summer photos of his wildflower garden taken about a month apart. A great example of how the wild perennials bloom.

Northeastern Wildflowers Steep Bank Planted with Wildflowers Dot and Pete Ramsdell sent in great photos and a complete answer to one of our most "Frequently Asked Questions"--How to establish no-mow wildflowers on a sloping bank. Here's how it's done.

Northeastern Wildflowers The Mysterious Sidewalk Wildflower Gardens of Brooklyn It’s illegal to plant on public ground in New York City, but that doesn’t stop one of our members who is a “Guerilla Gardener.” She scatters seeds in secret! Here's the story and her photos.

Northeastern Wildflowers Wildflower Meadow in the Catskills Over the last few years, this couple dealt with new home and driveway construcion on their land in the famously scenic Catskill Mtns. But now, after wildflower seeding, the land is a sea of wild lupine and daisies.

Northeastern Wildflowers Wildflowers Rescue a Beautiful Backyard John Stamm, near Binghamton, NY, had to restore a large part of his property after a major powerline project nearby. Now, 3 years later, the Stamms enjoy a beautiful blooming meadow.
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