A Spectacular Backdrop of Sunflowers for a Big Event

Autumn Beauty Sunflower One of the five beautiful types of sunflowers: .

Big Sunflower Show in Indiana

sunflower in the midwest We had fun with the sunflowers. Group of sunflowers in Midwest They were all beautiful! Nan Swaidner in Cosmos Enjoying the Wildflowers.

Member Nan Swaidner, who lives in northern Indiana, loves sunflowers. So for a special event she was planning, she decided to plant a backdrop of sunflowers four feet wide and 200 ft. long! She ordered seeds of five different species, and did the planting. For additional color, she also planted various other quick-bloom wildflowers in front of the sunflower screen. When it all worked beautifully, Nan wrote us a note of thanks. But we think we owe her a thank you for sharing her story and photos. Congratulations, Nan!

Dear American Meadows:

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful sunflowers that have come from the seeds I planted. The birds love them, the people love them and I've had so much fun watching them grow! They made a beautiful backdrop for our event. Here are a few photos of the various flowers I grew. I plan to keep experimenting with all the varieties. It was so much fun!

Thanks again,
Nan Swaidner, Indiana

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