The Hoeflers Live in the Middle of a Meadow

Living in the middle of a meadow.

Dasies around northeastern home
No, that’s not snow, that’s this summer’s daisy bloom all around the house.
Annuals in meadow
The first two years, JoAnn enjoyed the annuals like red poppy.

walkway in wildflower meadow
JoAnn created walkways through the wildflowers near her house.

Daisies in meadow
Daisy bloom in third year after seeding.

Mass of Dasies
This year, the daisies were a solid sea of flowers in early summer.

JoAnne Hoefler’s house on a hill in Pompey, NY used to have lawn all around, but she decided to replace the areas nearer the house with wildflowers.

So, she called in some machinery, removed the grass, and planted seed from American Meadows. She followed the instructions, and when it said to compress the seed into the soil, she really did. She drove back and forth over the seed in her jeep! We think that’s a first, but maybe it’s a great new idea. Just look at the results! Here’s what happened in her own words:

Dear American Meadows:
I first planted my American Meadows Northeast Mix in May of 2006. The waiting for the flowers to bloom was the hardest part. But once they bloomed, the first year the annuals were beautiful. The second year, in 2007, we had lots more annuals plus perennials—incredible! And this summer, 2008, the daisies were just unbelievable!

Can’t wait to see what happens next year! I love my wildflowers.

Thank you so very much!!!

…………….JoAnn Hoefler, Pompey, NY

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