Magnificent Bloom at a Church Charity Compound in NY State

Johnny Scott, a member of this charity-based community, headed a volunteer project to plant wildflowers along the entrance drive to the organization’s buildings. It’s part of the group’s plan to turn their property into a nature preserve. The organization is called the “Church Communities Foundation,” and is a residential compound for a charity that was established in 1956, and is very active today.

Mr. Scott tells us he planted our Northeast Mixture in spring, 2008, and these photos show the great success he has had with first-year annual bloom. The classic annual combination of red poppies, yellow plains coreopsis, blue cornflowers, maroon “none so pretty” and even wild annual sunflowers are lighting up the whole roadway. (These photos were taken during July, 08, just a few weeks after planting.) Later in the same season, Mr. Scott and his associates will likely be enjoying wild cosmos, as they grow taller and add color for late summer and fall bloom.

He tells us many of the group’s members drive and walk along their long approach road, and the flowers have added a lot of enjoyment this summer. And of course, since the mixture is roughly 50% annuals and 50% perennials, they are looking forward to the perennial bloom next summer and fall.

We really appreciate Mr. Scott sharing his great success with our members through these photos.

About the Foundation: The foundation’s website, tells us it is “A registered charity that supports educational and humanitarian activities around the world, the Church Communities Foundation was formed in New York in 1956, primarily to raise funds for a South American hospital. For over 50 years, the Foundation has supported sustainable, educational and community service projects, expanding its activities into several related areas.” Visit Church Communities Website.

A year later: Mr. Scott was kind enough to send us another photo a year after he first planted. As this photo shows, after the spectacular bloom of annuals the first year, his perennial seeds were just as successful the second summer. Here the planting is a magnificent sea of Gloriosa Daisies.

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