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Plant a perennial once and be rewarded with blooms that return year after year! As they mature and become established in your garden, they’ll also become more self-sufficient, needing less watering and care than annual flowers. Best of all, perennials deliver an increasing number of blooms with each passing year, making them a truly great garden investment .

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flower Peonies

Peonies produce colossal flowers atop masses of glossy green foliage, and require almost no care. In fact, many perennial peonies live over 100 years without any special effort from the gardener.

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flower Daylilies

Beginners learn quickly, and the old pros already know that an investment in Daylilies always pays off big time. With lively foliage and flowers in a rainbow of colors, you may be surprised to learn that Daylilies require no special care. Many will also reward you with flowers in both spring and fall.

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Hydrangeas are some of America's most beloved flowering shrubs. You can train and shape them into topiary-like trees, use them to create hedges for property borders, or just let them go all wild and natural in any full to half-shade spot.

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Milkweed (sometimes called Butterfly Weed) is the native wildflower responsible for the biggest, cooperative pollinator rescue effort North America has ever seen.

A special thanks to gardeners everywhere who have joined in to help save the Monarch Butterfly by planting milkweed!

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Our selection of perennial flowers represents the most tried and true varieties we know of. Whether it’s a classic flower that added color and beauty to your grandmother's garden or a smartly-bred plant with improved disease resistance, you can be sure that we've paid special attention to its overall ease of care.

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