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Athene Amaryllis - Plastic Pot Kit

SKU: AM011308
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No longer available this season.
'Athene' Amaryllis produces enormous, gently-ruffled white blooms on sturdy stalks that open to reveal lime green centers. Paired with a lightweight terra cotta colored pot, growing medium and detailed growing instructions, Athene becomes a complete gift kit perfect for brightening someone’s winter. Easy to grow.


Ever grown an amaryllis inside the house? It's a snap. There can be rain, cold or snow outside, but all you do is water this "magic lily", and it zooms into growth. In just a few days, the stems arise, and in a few weeks the enormous flowers begin to open--huge lily blooms up to 8" across! (Our pre-planted kit contains a bulb that will produce one or two stems, each with 3 or 4 flowers!) It only takes 6 to 12 weeks from first watering to full bloom and you'll have a big show for over a month.

Note about Gifts: If you are ordering gifts that will require shipping to more than one address, please create separate orders for each address, since shipping for each must be recorded separately.

Quantity Discounts and Corporate Gifts: If you'd like 25 or more kits, please call (877) 309-7333 for special quantity discounts on this product.

Our kit comes in a beautiful gift box, ready for giving and includes:
1 amaryllis bulb - Athene
Plastic Pot
Professional Growing Medium
Complete Instructions are printed on the back of the box.