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Barbados Amaryllis Kit - White Textured Pot

SKU: AM017710
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No longer available this season.
‘Barbados’ Amaryllis has rich red velvet petals striped in white, creating a star-like effect and bringing plenty of cheer to winter days! ‘Barbados’ boasts giant 6- to 8-inch blooms and enormous flower-power - bulbs produce one to three stems, each bearing three to four tropical blooms. Premium kits include a bulb, soil, and a textured white pot. Easy-to-grow Amaryllis make an elegant gift and beautiful winter home décor. (Hippeastrum hybrid)


(20-24" tall) The rich color and heavy blooming of ‘Barbados’ Amaryllis makes it a favorite among growers. Our Amaryllis bulb kits include everything you need for beautiful blooms. Amaryllis are the easiest bulbs for forcing indoors and yield spectacular indoor blooms! Bulbs can be planted in succession, from late October into the early winter months, for continuous blooms well into spring. Plants begin flowering six to twelve weeks after planting. Thick, strap-like leaves tend to grow toward light, so rotate the container regularly to keep plants well balanced, especially as the leaves first emerge. Follow care instructions to produce blooms year after year.