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Nymph Amaryllis Kit - Gold Bowl

SKU: AM017712
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No longer available this season.
‘Nymph’ Amaryllis packs loads of rounded petals into large, double blooms. Snow white flowers are streaked with coral-pink highlights for a bright, sophisticated appearance. This generous and elegant bloomer sets multiple flower buds for warm color throughout the cold winter days. Premium kit includes a bulb, soil, and a festive gold ceramic bowl. This easy-to-grow Amaryllis makes an elegant gift and unforgettable showpiece (Hippeastrum hybrid)


20-24" tall. The original variety in a unique breeding line, ‘Nymph’ Amaryllis stands apart with lavish layers of silky petals. Each stem produces four enormous blooms for a stunning display. Flowers stand atop long stems and make elegant bouquets. Harvest flower stalks when the first flower bud begins to show color and starts to open. These show-stoppers can be grown throughout the winter months to chase away the winter blues. You can also time them to bloom for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift -- simply pot bulbs eight to twelve weeks before the desired bloom time. Our Amaryllis Kit includes everything you need to grow gorgeous blooms. Thick, strap-like leaves tend to grow toward light, so rotate the container regularly to keep plants well balanced, especially as the leaves first emerge. Amaryllis bulbs will bloom year after year given proper care.