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Nymph Amaryllis Kit - White Textured Pot

SKU: AM017288
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No longer available this season.
Our Nymph Amaryllis Kit with a white ceramic pot creates perfect harmony with the pure white petals of double-flowered Nymph Amaryllis. The soft sprays of pink kissed by lime enhances the petals with delicate detail. Let the elegance of white bring in the New Year! A great gift and a must-have for winter celebrations. (Hippeastrum)


Our Nymph Amaryllis Kit includes instructions, soil, one bulb, burlap gift bag, ribbon, and a white textured ceramic pot. Large 8" flowers at 20-24" tall are a cure-all for the grey days of winter. Blooming 6-12 weeks from planting, set them in a sunny, warm spot until flowers begin to open. Then move out of direct sun to prolong flower bloom. Each stem will have from 4-6 buds, giving a colorful show for over a month. As the bulb returns to dormancy, it may be saved for future blooms. Plant up several Kits at 10-day intervals for a non-stop show!