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Ziva Paperwhite

SKU: AM011307
per Bag of 4
No longer available this season.
Ziva is the most popular paperwhite for fragrant indoor blooms. It is extremely easy to grow - Simply add water and you will be delighted with blooms in just 6-10 weeks! (Narcissus tazetta)


Everybody loves "Paperwhites". They're the sweet-smelling daffodils that bloom just as well on your coffee table as regular daffodils do in your garden. And these put up several multi-flowered stems from each bulb!

To make indoor pots and bowls, simply arrange the paperwhite bulbs in a shallow bowl or pot so they don't touch one another. Surround them with gravel, sand, or even soil, but no soil is really needed. Be sure the bulbs are about half into the planting medium, with the top half sticking up in the clear. Then, just water.

Almost instantly, the bulbs will sprout, and in just 6-10 weeks, you'll have a flurry of fragrant daffodils right there on the coffee table.