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Papilio Amaryllis Kit - White Textured Pot

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No longer available this season.
Papilio Amaryllis is an exotic bloom boasting large flowers with sophisticated coloring. Pale green pointed petals are contrasted by deep red outlines and veining to create a striking pattern on each petal. Each premium kit includes a white textured ceramic pot, soil, and bulb wrapped with a satin bow, for a stylish gift to brighten winter days. (Hippeastrum)


(18-24” tall) The striking Papilio Amaryllis Kit adds a dramatic contrast to your indoor garden display. Papilio Amaryllis are sometime called Butterfly Amaryllis for the unique petal shapeAlthough they can be a bit slower to grow than other varieties, these unique flowers are well worth the wait. Easy to grow Amaryllis can be grown indoors through the winter months by gardeners with any level of experience, from beginners to mastersOur premium Amaryllis Kits have everything needed to grow these fabulous blooms, including simple instructions, soil mix, a high-quality bulb, and a stylish pot, all wrapped with a bow. 

Amaryllis How-To: It’s easy to grow Amaryllis indoors! There can be rain, cold and snow outside, but all you do is plant the bulb in a pot, waterand watch it zoom into growth. Approximately 6-12 weeks after planting, enormous flowers begin to open to light up the winter season, offering a show-stopping display that typically lasts for about a month. Follow the simple instructions included in the kit to grow with confidence!