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Pink Hyacinth - Glass Vase

SKU: AM011311
per Kit
No longer available this season.
Bring the famous beauty and fragrance of Hyacinth blooms indoors with our Gift-Boxed Hyacinth Kit. Kit includes an elegant clear growing vase, a Pink Hyacinth bulb and complete instructions. Simply add water, chill the bulb and enjoy the beauty of Hyacinth blooms in your home. This Gift-Boxed Kit makes a wonderful gift!


Kit with Pink Hyacinth A long tradition in Holland for fragrance and indoor winter bloom, this kit includes an elegant "growing vase" of clear crackle-style glass, specially made to receive a hyacinth bulb. Simply add water to the growing vase, place the bulb on top and chill in a cool place for 8-10 weeks.. The gorgeous blooms will fill your home with sweet fragrance!

The beauty of these is that they not only give you the dash of spring during winter indoors with beautiful flowers, you have the heavenly fragrance too! Save the growing vase for use year after year.