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Red Pearl Amaryllis Bulb - Galvanized Tin

SKU: AM017276
per Kit
No longer available this season.
One of the darkest reds in the Amaryllis world, Red Pearl Amaryllis is striking with its lush densely deep-red petals. Our Red Pearl Amaryllis Kit with a retro-looking galvanized tin pot is an easy way to experience the velvety wine color of this bulb. Including everything you need for successful flowers, leave the details to us and enjoy! (Hippeastrum)


Our Red Pearl Amaryllis Kit includes instructions, one top-sized Red Pearl bulb, burlap gift bag and ribbon, soil, and a galvanized tin container. Just plant according to instructions, water, and place in a sunny, warm spot. Flowers will begin to open in 6-12 weeks. Turn your pot as needed to keep the plant growing straight. With blooms 6-8" across and a height of 20-24" tall, enjoy your living bouquet. To preserve blooms, move the plant out of direct sunlight once flowering commences. Once dormant, the bulb may be stored for blooms the following season.