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Rilona Amaryllis Kit - White Textured Pot

SKU: AM017706
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No longer available this season.
The elegant blooms of ‘Rilona’ Amaryllis will warm your winter days. This cherished heirloom has lush, apricot-colored petals with a gentle pleating, adding a layer of delicate detail. A heavy bloomer, ‘Rilona’ produces two to three stems, each bearing four to six flowers that are up to 8 inches across. Premium kit includes a bulb, soil, and a textured white pot. (Hippeastrum hybrid)


20-24” tall. ‘Rilona’ Amaryllis flowers are quite impressive, stretching up to eight inches in diameter. Standing atop long stems, the peachy blooms also make stunning bouquets. Cut stems when the first flower begins to crack open and shows a flush of color. Amaryllis cuttings continue to shine up to three weeks in a vase - just change water often to keep them fresh. Amaryllis are the perfect gift for spectacular indoor blooms, hostess gifts, and other winter occasions. Simply pot bulbs eight to twelve weeks before the desired bloom time. Thick foliage tends to grow toward light, so rotate regularly to keep stems growing straight. Amaryllis are among the easiest bulbs for winter forcing. With care, they can provide colorful blooms year after year.