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Splash Amaryllis Kit - Red Glossy Pot

SKU: AM017707
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No longer available this season.
The ‘Splash’ Amaryllis brings a taste of the tropics to your living room with vivid cherry-red blooms and white starbursts that stretch to the tips of each pointed petal. Premium kit includes a top-sized bulb, soil, and a stylish glossy red ceramic pot. The large double blooms of ‘Splash’ Amaryllis are an impressive gift and decoration for tables and mantlepieces! (Hippeastrum hybrid)


20-24" tall. The joyful blooms of ‘Splash’ Amaryllis will warm your windowsill during the long winter nights. Enormous red and white blossoms bring plenty of holiday cheer, and planted in our glossy red pot, makes an elegant centerpiece. Each sturdy stem holds multiple 7-8” blooms providing weeks to months of color. Amaryllis make long-lasting cut flowers perfect for winter bouquets. Our Amaryllis Bulb Kit comes with everything you need for gift giving and growing: instructions, soil mixture, a jumbo bulb, burlap gift bag, ribbon, and a bright red ceramic pot. You’ll be amazed how easy amaryllis are to grow. Thick foliage tends to grow toward light, so rotate the container regularly to keep plants well balanced. Amaryllis is the gift that keep on giving – if stored properly after blooming, amaryllis bulbs will flower year after year.