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Sweet Invitation Hyacinth

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Invite the start of spring to your yard with Sweet Invitation Hyacinth. With florets ranging from peachy-pink to a dusky-rose, this beautiful flower adds a special note to the mid-spring garden. Its dusky sweet fragrance is an essential scent of spring - enjoy them up close along walkways or entrances, even in containers. The sturdy flower spikes bear densely packed florets that bees and butterflies love. (Hyacinthus orientalis)
key features
Botanical Name
Hyacinthus orientalis 'Sweet Invitation'
Growing Zones
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Bee Friendly, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance, Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Container Planting
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height
7-11" tall
Bloom Time
Mid spring


Growing Hyacinths: One of the most powerfully fragrant blooms in the flower kingdom is the famous Dutch Hyacinth, the result of hundreds of years of hybridizing a lovely wildflower from Turkey. Their fabulous, colorful blooms bring a sweet fragrance to the mid-spring garden, pairing well with almost any other spring flowers. Plant your hyacinth bulbs close together for a dramatic display, either in groups of one color or a mix of several shades. Hyacinths must have good drainage, so be sure to plant them where they will never be in standing water. With some shade, the flowers will last longer than in full sun. Hyacinths grow well in flowerpots and can be forced indoors for springtime decor.