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No Mow Lawn & Microclover Seed Mix

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Say goodbye to constant lawn maintenance and enjoy your yard more than ever, thanks to our No Mow Lawn & Microclover Seed Mix. This mix includes No Mow Grass, which is deep green, low-growing fescues with a soft texture. Microclover spreads densely and evenly, creating a cushiony feel while discouraging pests and acting as a natural lawn fertilizer. Dense growth prevents weeds, and the established lawn is highly drought resistant. This mix is ideal for high traffic areas, durable for kids, and resistant to pet spots. Get the look of a traditional, manicured lawn – without all the work.
key features
Groundcover, Easy To Grow, Naturalizes, Soil Enhancing
Growing Zones
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7
Seed Life Cycle
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Soil Moisture
Mature Height
3-6" tall
Seed Coverage
5 lbs covers approx 1600 sq ft
10 lbs covers approx 3200 sq ft


Our No Mow Lawn & Microclover Seed Mix is the perfect solution for a self-sustaining lawn. The lawn features our No Mow Grass, a mix of low-growing grasses that are soft and highly resilient. Microclover has been gaining popularity around the world as a natural solution for healthy, low-maintenance lawns. This durable, easy-to-grow mix is a great option for high traffic areas like home lawns, athletic fields, parks, and even slopes. It will grow in full sun to partial shade. It thrives in light to moderate shade, including under trees with indirect light. It can also tolerate growing under black walnut trees and spruce trees, if the walnuts and pine needles are removed. This quick-growing lawn will germinate in about 10-14 days when the conditions are right; the cool season grasses establish best in spring or fall. This mix is best for use in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest. For states along the southern US border and warmer zones, we recommend warm season grasses.