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Butterfly Bush Royal Red

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per Plant - 3" Pot
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Buddleia Royal Red blooms in spectacular purplish red flowers, making this butterfly bush them great hummingbird plants, too.
key features
Botanical Name
Buddleia davidii
Growing Zones
Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Birds, Deer Resistant, Long Bloom Time, Fragrant
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Mature Height
60-72" tall
Bloom Time
Early to late summer


Royal Red has all the butterfly attracting qualities, and the red flowers make it irresistible for hummingbirds, too.

Many gardeners plant several butterfly bushes together, so they grow into a shrub-like clump with blooms in all the colors planted. So you can create a bush with pink and purple flowers, or perhaps one with red and white blooms.

Butterfly Bush is a shrub-like plant that looks sort of like a compact lilac, grows quickly and blooms in mid-summer. But the name tells you all about it: Butterflies just cant resist the flowers, and flock to the plants when they're in bloom.

The Magic: How the Butterfly Bush works: Buddleia or Butterfly Bush has been a sensation in American gardens for years, and no wonder. This plant is easy to grow, blooms profusely, and has that magical quality: Butterflies cant resist it.

Here's why: Its not just the pretty flowers that attract the butterflies, like any bright flower. Buddleias emit a special honey-scented fragrance that lures butterflies like a moth to a light, and then once there, they find the flowers super-rich in nectar.

A butterfly bush in the garden will often be seen with a mass of butterflies on the flowers, especially during hot sunny afternoons. Buddleias attract other insects too, like moths, and the reddish ones strongly attract hummingbirds. So its more than a name; its actually a botanical phenomenon.