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Butterfly™ Cleopatra Echinacea

SKU: AM014770
per Plant - 3" Pot
No longer available this season.
'Cleopatra' Echinacea boasts sunny yellow petals that surround a golden orange cone, attracting plentiful butterflies to its vibrant color and pleasant fragrance. A versatile plant that handles a variety of conditions once established including excessive cold, heat, humidity, and even drought, this native echinacea delivers bloom after cheerful bloom. Compact, sturdy, and easy to care for. (Echinacea)
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Botanical Name
Echinacea Butterfly™ Cleopatra PP#24631


16-18" tall x 18-24" wide. Named after a famous yellow butterfly, 'Cleopatra' Echinacea shares the same vibrant and cheerful yellow color. What a perfect fit for a nectar-rich pollinator plant! Like all echinacea, 'Cleopatra' is deer resistant and very tough, handling a variety of challenging conditions without complaint. A great choice for cutting gardens, the strong stems offer genuine lasting power in a vase, while the uncut blooms remain in good form for upwards of a month. Although echinacea (also called coneflower) is not terribly fussy about soil, it does need to be planted in full sun to produce a good volume of blooms.