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Sunrise Lupine

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per Plant - 3" Pot
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Sunrise Lupine blooms over a long season, producing magnificent spikes of blue, gold, and white blooms from early summer through fall. Attractive, compound foliage adds hints of blue-green color to the garden. Blooms radiate a fresh citrus scent that lures bees and butterflies along with happy gardeners. Flower spikes soar atop strong three-foot stems. Annual. (Lupinus hartwegii)
key features
Botanical Name
Lupinus hartwegii
Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant, Easy To Grow, Cut Flowers, Fragrant
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Mature Height
24-36" tall
Mature Spread
12-18" wide
Bloom Time
Mid summer to fall


24-36" tall x 12-18" wide. With long, sturdy stems, Sunrise Lupine (Lupinus hartwegii) is excellent for cutting. The unique tri-color flowers of blue, gold, and white make lovely single-species bouquets and add delicate texture to mixed arrangements. Harvest in the morning when two to three basal flowers have completely opened. In the garden, deadhead plants regularly to prolong flowering time. Graceful lobed foliage adds delicate texture to plantings and bouquets. Plant Sunrise Lupine along walkways and patios where you can enjoy the sweet fragrance, or grow clumps in cottage gardens and wildlife plantings. Grow lupine in full sun and soils that are well-draining; plants do not tolerate water-logged conditions. Lupines develop deep tap roots, do not attempt to move once established. Easy to grow and quite heat tolerant. Sometimes called Hartweg’s Bluebonnet for their resemblance to the Texas wildflower.