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Pink Obedient Plant

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Pink Obedient Plant is the picture of perfection. This gorgeous native wildflower has a tall eye-catching form, with upright square stems simply bursting with a towering spike of flowers. Bundles of nectar-rich flowers feed pollinators during the late summer and well into fall. Use it to add height to a habitat garden or rain garden.
key features
Botanical Name
Physostegia virginiana
Growing Zones
Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Hardiness Zone
Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Native, Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Hummingbirds, Attracts Beneficial Insects, Deer Resistant, Rain Gardens
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height
36" tall
Bloom Time
Late summer to frost


Pink Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana) has a broad native range that includes most of the Eastern and Midwestern US. It thrives in moist soils and full or partial sun. A member of the mint family, it is a rapid creeper that spreads by rhizomes. This habit will help deter weeds and easily fill in large spaces of your yard with flowers that birds and pollinators will love. Pollinators, especially hummingbirds, flock to these towering beauties. These stunners provide nice height to gardens and are rain garden-approved. Also called False Dragonhead because of their resemblance to snapdragons. Pink Obedient Plant flower stems can be twisted and hold their shape temporarily, earning their ‘obedient’ title.

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