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Passionate Rainbow Gaura

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per Plant - 3" Pot
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A bushy wildflower, Passionate Rainbow Gaura (also known as wand flower) is a vase-shaped variety only growing to 18" tall. It has dark burgundy variegated foliage and delicate pink blooms all summer. PP#17002 (Gaura lindheimeri)
key features
Botanical Name
Gaura lindheimeri Passionate Rainbow PP#17002 or Oenothera lindheimeri
Growing Zones
Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Native, Deer Resistant, Long Bloom Time, Cut Flowers, Mass Plantings, Container Planting, Small Spaces
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height
18-24" tall
Bloom Time
Early summer to fall


(18-24" tall x 18-24" wide) Wand Flower Passionate Rainbow is a more compact variety of Gaura. It is known for its dark burgundy variegated foliage and delicate pink blooms. They prefer full sun and a sandy or loamy soil with good drainage. Flowers tend to become leggy when grown in rich soils or shade. This plant makes a great addition to your perennial garden especially when planted in groups.