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Cool Color Wildflower Seed Patches

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patchwork - 4x2 oz patches
blue seed patch - 2 oz
white seed patch - 2 oz
pink seed patch - 2 oz
purple seed patch - 2 oz
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Paint your garden or meadow with flowers in your favorite colors! Our Cool Color Seed Patches feature Blue, Purple, Pink, and White single color wildflower seed mixes – conveniently packaged in 2 oz bags. Seed Patches are a great for adding a burst of cool, calming color to small spaces, gardens or raised beds, or your established meadow. Pick a Seed Patch (single 2oz bag) in your favorite color, or save big with the Seed Patchwork (a collection of all four Cool Color Seed Patches). Our seeds are non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free, and guaranteed to grow.
key features
Seed Coverage
Each 2 oz patch covers up to 250 sq ft
Patchwork covers up to 1000 sq ft
Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Easy To Grow, Long Bloom Time, Cut Flowers, Mass Plantings, Container Planting, Small Spaces


With Our Cool Color Wildflower Seed Patches, your garden is a canvas, and these seeds are your color palette! Our single color wildflower mixes are the perfect way to dig in and express your creativity. Small 2oz packages are great for planting in gardens or raised beds, creating mini meadows, replacing sections of lawn, sidewalk gardens, and hellstrips. Each wildflower seed mix includes a mix of annuals for first year color and perennials for flowers that return year after year. Both native wildflowers and introduced wildflowers are included, and will attract plenty of pollinators to your yard. See each seed mix for further details.

Seed Patch Coverage: Each 2 oz bag of wildflower seeds will cover up to 250 sq ft, about the size of a 1 car parking space. Seed Patchwork Coverage: 1/2 pound of seed combined will cover 500-1,000 sq ft.

What's in this Mix

Blue Wildflower Seed Patch = 2oz Blue Wildflower Seed Mix
Purple Wildflower Seed Patch = 2oz Purple Wildflower Seed Mix
Pink Wildflower Seed Patch = 2oz Pink Wildflower Seed Mix
White Wildflower Seed Patch = 2oz White Wildflower Seed Mix

Cool Color Wildflower Seed Patchwork contains a collection of 4 x 2 oz bags of seeds, one of each seed patch, totaling 8 oz (1/2 pound) of seeds.

For additional colors, see our Warm Color Wildflower Seed Patches. For larger sizes, see our Single Color Wildflower Seed Mixes in bulk.

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100% Pure Seed | Non-GMO

We’re Your Wildflower Experts

Our approach is simple ‐ for over 25 years we have offered gardeners only the best wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennial plants, clover and lawn seeds and flower seed packets for special occasions ‐ the ones we grow in our own gardens. We stand ready to help you grow with confidence!