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Edible Flower Seed Mix

SKU: AM016968
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Edible wildflowers have become increasingly popular in the culinary world, so why not grow your own? This mixture contains 16 flowers that are perfect for garnishing your favorite dishes and putting in salads, as well as brightening up your landscape with their gorgeous blooms!
key features
Seed Life Cycle
Mix of Annuals & Perennials
Growing Zones
Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Ideal Region
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest, Pacific Northwest
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Seed Coverage
1/4 lb covers 250-500 sq ft.
1/2 lb covers 500-1,000 sq ft.
1 lb covers 1,000-2,000 sq ft.
5 lbs covers 5,000-10,000 sq ft.
10 lbs covers 10,000-25,000 sq ft.
25 lbs covers 1/2-1 acre.
50 lbs covers 1.5-2 acres.
Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance, Long Bloom Time, Naturalizes, Cut Flowers, Mass Plantings

What's in this Mix

This mixture contains 16 garden flowers, 11 annuals for first-year color, plus 5 perennials for second and successive years' bloom. See full flower list below.

Img Botanical Name Common Name Life Cycle Color Height Bloom Season
Alcea rosea Hollyhock Annual Mix 71" Summer
Placeholder Image Bellis perennis English Daisy Perennial White, Rose 6" Spring, Summer
Calendula officinalis Calendula or Pot Marigold Annual Mix 24" Spring, Summer, Fall
Placeholder Image Carthamus tinctoria Safflower Annual Orange 49" Spring, Summer
Centaurea cyanus Dwarf Cornflower or Bachelor Button Annual Mix 18" Spring, Summer
Cichorium intybus Chicory Perennial Blue 72" Summer, Fall
Placeholder Image Coriandrum sativum Organic Coriander/Cilantro Annual White 15" Fall
Dianthus barbatus Sweet William Biennial Red, White 20" Spring, Summer
Placeholder Image Foeniculum vulgare Leaf Fennel Annual Yellow 60" Summer
Glebionis coronaria Garland Daisy Annual Yellow, White 40" Spring, Summer
Placeholder Image Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop Perennial Purple 24" Summer, Fall
Lobularia maritima Sweet Alyssum Annual White 12" Spring, Summer
Placeholder Image Ocimum basilicum Large Leaf Italian Basil Annual White 24" Summer
Tagetes erecta African Marigold Annual Yellow, Orange 36" Summer, Fall
Tropaeoleum majus Nasturtium Annual Mix 24" Summer
Viola cornuta Johnny Jump-Up Perennial Purple, Yellow, Blue 12" Spring, Summer, Fall
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