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Lacy Phacelia Seeds

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This easy-to-grow annual grows well in hot, dry conditions and attracts a variety of pollinators to the garden or meadow. Lacy Phacelia is a great cover crop and can be used as a winter cover for your property. (Phacelia Tanacetifolia)
key features
Botanical Name
Phacelia tanacetifolia
Seed Life Cycle
Growing Zones
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10
Ideal Region
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest, Pacific Northwest
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Seed Coverage
1/4 lb covers 726 sq ft.
1 lb covers 2,905 sq ft.
Native, Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance, Long Bloom Time, Naturalizes, Mass Plantings


Lacy Phacelia, or Phacelia Tanacetifolia, is a drought-tolerant cover crop that blooms in the summer months. The light-purple blooms are unique and elegant, attracting beneficial pollinators to the property. This annual grows to be about 24-26” tall and prefers as much sun as possible. We recommend spreading 7 pounds of Lacy Phacelia per acre.