Neighborhood Envy for Red Poppies in Tennessee

red poppiesred poppies

Our member, Vivian Eakes Hull, lives in a historic 1880s farmhouse in Hermitage, Tennessee, and enjoys the beautiful old-fashioned gardens she's created with Wildflower Seeds.

She grows beautiful garden flowers like Irises, too, and writes that people are always stopping by to take pictures--especially when the Red Poppies are in bloom. Her note says, "The seeds I bought from American Meadows have been gorgeous!"

Thanks, Vivian, for sharing your beautiful photos!

red poppies next to mailboxred poppies next to mailbox
Red poppies greet visitors out by the mailbox.
poppies next to lawnpoppies next to lawn
Poppies create a flash of color against a lawn.
wildflower garden on top of inground storm cellarwildflower garden on top of inground storm cellar

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