Mustard Seeds

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Mustard Seeds

Great, healthy greens and spicy seeds.

Garden fresh Mustard for great, healthy greens and spicy seeds. One of the most prolific plants on earth, mustard greens are eaten in almost every country, and the US is no exception. The large leaves are super fast and easy to grow. You cook them just like spinach, and they're tasty on the table.

As for nutrition, mustard greens can't be beat. They're high in Vitamins A and C, rich in calcium and iron, and even contain cancer-fighting beta carotene and antioxidents. What's more, the beautiful yellow flowers on your mustard plants will be the first to bloom in the garden (This is why some mustard is called "Yellow Rocket.") so let a few stay on the plants. As they wither, you'll soon have dried "mustard seeds" of your own. You probably won't do all the work to grind them into the common yellow condiment, but you just might use the spicy seeds you gather for flavoring your favorite recipes! They're used that way worldwide.

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