Montana Wildflowers in full bloom

montana wildflowersmontana wildflowers
montana wildflowersmontana wildflowers

Big Bloom under the Big Sky

In July 2009, Mike, Ethan and their wives were lucky enough to attend a wedding in Big Sky, Montana. On a hike to a neighboring peak, they were treated to a show of local wildflowers in full bloom. Many of our friends and customers tend to forget that wildflowers are just that - wild, naturally-occurring flowers that can bring a hillside alive with color. Often, the blooms themselves are small and delicate, but together they often carpet the landscape.

Take a look at some of these western alpine favorites, such as Indian Blanket, Forget-Me-Nots, Asters and Lupines and next time you take a hike, bring your camera. We always love to see your photos and hear your stories. Simply Email Us.

forget me notsforget me nots
showy fleabaneshowy fleabane
Showy Fleabane
indian paintbrushindian paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush
Purple Lupine
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