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why plant a Flower Bulb?

Grow Unique Anemone & Collarette Dahlias For Playful Flower Texture

Why Plant Anemone & Collarette Dahlias?

These delightful Dahlias will make garden visitors do a double take, thanks to their distinctive texture and highly decorative form. Anemone Dahlias feature a pincushion-like center of tiny florets, surrounded by an outer ring of flat petals. Collarette Dahlias feature an open center, surrounded by an outer ring of flat petals beneath a ring of shorter, slightly ruffled petals. Flowers are typically 3-5 inches across. Plant these Dahlias to bring interest and whimsy to your summer garden and cut flower displays.

Planting How-To’s

Anemone & Collarette Dahlia Bulbs Planting Guides