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Dahlia Inspiration

A colorful Dahlia garden

Dazzling Dahlias: Choose Your Favorite Color

Explore our Dahlia selection based on color groupings.

A bouquet of mixed Dahlias

Dahlia Flower Forms: Choose Your Favorite Bloom

Learn about the many shapes that Dahlia flowers can take.

Bright magenta Dahlia flowers

How To Choose Dahlias

Our comparison chart will help you find the best Dahlias for your garden.

A child with a huge yellow Dinnerplate Dahlia flower

Before & After: A Dedicated Dahlia Garden

See the steps this American Meadows employee took for her garden.

Dahlia Growing Guides

Cafe au Lait Dinner Plate Dahlias

How To Grow Dahlias

Everything you need to know about growing Dahlias, including soil preparation and staking.

A huge pink Dahlia flower is next to a ruler to measure its size

How To Get The Best Dahlia Flowers

All about pinching, debudding, and fertilizing: dig in to the details.

A gardener holds up a Dahlia tuber

How To Dig & Store Dahlias For Winter

Dahlias are winter hardy only in zones 8-10. Save your tubers for next spring!

A gardener waters Dahlia plants with a watering can

FAQ: Troubleshooting Dahlias

Answers to your most commonly asked questions, including pests and watering.

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